Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My bezzie :)

Spending the last 2 days with my best friend Alice ! (hi ally) She's been helping me with my french project (thanks ally) We also had a few breaks ... and made lemonade (thumbs up). Love you al ! x

hey guys :) wow, this is blogging.. this is so exciting :)
im not that much of a writer or fashonista :) (sp?) but i do make good lemonade, and i am a pro squeezer :) (of lemons) emm, she is the best. i love watching her draw her amazing artworks, while she creates, i pimp up her diary, eat chocolate moose and add music to her collection, we laugh constantly about how freakish we were in junior school (: that are officially top seakarat by the way (:
love her to bits (and her slide that goes in the pool and her monkey sister and her queen of a dog that doesn't like me at the moment, i also am loving her fridge at the moment as it include chocolate moose)
i bet her french teacher is going to love us to after that pro project :) im expecting chocolate croissants and other french stuff in return (;
bye mrs polka dot-you better not hog the bed tonight :)


  1. Haha - love you girls!
    Pity about the upside down logo thing on the poster..... do you think anyone will notice?!

  2. omg, this is so amazing!!!