Cassandra CottrellHow to wear socks with skirts

  • Try wearing little anklets, but not so much the turn-down school girl anklet. We are talking little, ribbed, short styles. Another option is to take a longer sock, but scrunch it down toward the ankle. Anklets and sheer knee-highs will work best.
  • How to wear socks with skirtsFor the next season you're looking at heather greys, browns, blacks and whites. Its all about neutral. If it's a grey sock in a grey flat you will also elongate the leg a little better.
  • However, if that's a little boring for your liking, a little print never hurt anybody! Just be sure you tone down the rest of your ensemble so don't start to look chico the clown.
  • We are seeing a lot of knee-high action and one of biggest leg-wear trends is over-the-knee socks for 2011, especially the chunky over-the-knee sock.
  • Socks look great with chunky platforms and sandals. However socks also look really pretty with a flat. There is something very cute and sweet about pairing an anklet with a little ballet flat.
  • Your skirt of choice definitely depends on your shape. But trend-wise, a pencil skirt paired with socks can be a really fun look. You can also try  a '50s full skirt paired with little socks and flats. If skirts are not your thing however, super short shorts will do the trick too!