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4 ways to wear a scarf

Four Ways to Wear a Scarf

Scarf Fashion Trends Scarf Fashion Trends

Scarf Fashion Trends

Scarf Fashion Trends How to tie a scarf
Not only can you wear a scarf all year round but you can also choose from an endless selection of prints and fabrics to accessories your look. Here are a few interesting ways to wear your scarf...

Sophisticated Loop – the sophisticated loop is by far the most popular scarf knot and is frequently showcased in all of the fashion magazines. To tie a sophisticated loop simply fold your scarf in half and then place it over your neck so each end hangs over each shoulder. Then place the loose end with the two original ends of the scarf through the folded end of the scarf and pull until you have a comfortable fit.

Simple Wrap – a simple wrap is a quick and easy way to look stylish while keeping warm and cosy during chilly winter weather. To tie a simple wrap place the scarf around your neck and loosely tie it. Do not tie it in a knot just do one loop – similar to the first step of tying a shoe lace. Keep the scarf loosely tied and then pull the two ends to the back of your neck and tie them in a knot. Then adjust the front of the scarf so it fits comfortably but relatively loosely around your neck. 

Triangular Wrap – the triangular wrap is done with a large square scarf. Take the scarf and fold one end of the square over the other so it forms a triangle. Place the scarf around your neck so the triangular portion hangs in front over your chest. Wrap the two ends around your neck and then back to the front of your neck. Tie the ends into a knot and let the triangular portion hang over or on top of the knot. This hides the knot while showcasing the triangle in front. 

Long Loop Knot – with longer scarves you have the quickest and easiest option for tying. Simply take the scarf and place it over your shoulders with one end hanging to your chest and the other hanging to your waist. Then take the longest end of the scarf (the one hanging to your waist) and wrap it around your neck full circle until it hangs evenly with the other end. 

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