Sunday, August 29, 2010

Costa Coffee

Was just reading Marnie's blog and she made me think of my trip to Scotland last year when I went to Waterstones bookshop and drank this amazing hot chocolate! It was so rich and fulling i couldn't walk straight after it! But now i would do anything to go back and order another one :)


  1. HAHA that was so weird reading my name there. Thankyou for the link as well :) and omg I LOVE COSTA SO MUCH. I get a coffee from there whenever im in town, which is very regular because im always at work or seeing my boyfriend who lives in town. Anyway where are you from if you live without the delights of costa? xx

  2. oh haha just scrolled up and read Cape Town, my bad x

  3. Gaya says she will have a Costa Coffee on us when she is in Inverness Em!