Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Fab grandparents

I have fantastic grandparents, though unfortunately both my dad’s parents died when I was very young.  I wish I had got to know them because they were pretty amazing people.  My ‘Ouma’ was a very elegant and beautiful woman (she looked like Grace Kelly) and my ‘Oupa’ was a doctor who once his four children had left home dedicated his life to doctoring the poor.
My grandfather, Noel (he doesn’t like to be called Granddad or anything else!), is also pretty amazing.  He has been an entrepreneur his whole life and now runs an organisation dedicated to promoting eco-tourism in South Africa – Open Africa, its really cool.
My granny, Gaya (I came up with that name for her when I just started talking and now everyone, including my friends, call her Gaya – like the earth mother Gaia!) has to be the coolest, chicest, most brilliant gran in the world!  She is super talented – she used to be a dress designer and even worked for Christian Dior in London when she left college –  she makes the BEST chocolate cake in the WORLD, can cook and draw and paint and make clothes, you name it, she can do it!



Ouma & Oupa

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